Monday, 10 December 2012

Using iSpring quiz

After EMR PD Day last Wednesday my head was full with all the wonderful tools that I could experiment with over the Christmas break. Thank you Karen, Lynne and Christine.  I particularly got excited about using iSpring added to Powerpoint.  While on the website downloading, I came across iSpring Quiz, liked the sound of being able to produce quizzes and also downloaded the free program.  Today I have produced a simple bookkeeping quiz to try out on a class on Friday.  Creating the quiz is so easy, and I can see multiple uses for it.  After a few tries at publishing in different formats, found that publish to web is easiest so that it automatically opened up in a web browser.  I will get busy next creating something for other classes.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Convert uploaded files to Google Docs

Spent some time this morning figuring out why others could not edit my uploaded Word file in Google drive.  Didn't realise that uploaded files needed to be converted to Google Docs file before being able to be worked on collaboratively.  Also found that it is easier to share a folder, rather than individual files. Hopefully this now works!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Using Google Drive to upload files

Found it somewhat confusing, but finally able to upload a folder with 2 files to Google Drive, in the hope of collaborating with an A-frame Course and Session Planner.  The confusing part is that, even though I was in Google Drive (from Googlle Docs) the suggestion was to download the program to sync files from any device.  I didn't download anything, but was still able to upload the folder, which didn't happen until I selected the link "Java test page" in the Help.  I found the Help to be a very good step by step process. Have added the link:
Next step is to collaborate with others to add and edit text.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Experimenting and Organising

Today I have spent some time documenting my elearning website links and access to these.  Thanks for the tip Christine! 
Used wiki to upload a couple of documents for my class.
Looking outside at the wild weather, thinking today that it would be nice to be cosied in my pj's working tonight, instead of in a classroom, so that motivates me to learn about more eLearning tools and teach remotely!
Will get cracking on my Google docs project over the weekend.

Sorry to have missed the last session!

As some of you may be aware, I was hospitalised during the last session.  An unfortunate injury caused by a rogue nail in a piece of wood.  Ironically, I was clearing up the yard because our son was having friends over and I didn't want them getting hurt by....well, standing on a nail!
Hopefully, I will be able to take part next time, accidents permitting!  Can anyone remind me of when that is?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Thanks for the webinar last week on google doc. We are going to try conducting a policy sub committee meeting using google docs. Will let you know how we get on. Christine has also given us some information about Microsoft Skydrive for us to look at in relation to our project.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

First blog! Thanks to EMR ementors.

Yesterday I enjoyed the "Collaborate with Google Docs" webinar and appreciate the patience and clarity of moderators Christine, Lynne and Karen.  I was initially introduced to Google Docs last year in a very basic way by using a spreadsheet to enter student attendances.  This was not set up or created by me, however I did have a Google account, so the first step was easy.  I had no inkling that docs could be shared or worked on collaboratively, so I am now busy thinking of ways to use them in my training.
Ideas so far: depreciation worksheet for my bookkeeping classes, worksheets for my trainees, adding my training forms so I can access them easily if required.
Have a lot of experimenting to do!

Faciitating online session Monday 15 October

We had a few difficulties at the beginning of the session and while Christine sorted them out I was able to show Ruth a few of the features of the online classroom.

Christine and Andrea joined us with Christine doing a review of the features available which I have already covered a few times. All good review though. We viewed Christine's PowerPoint for facilitators and were able to download a file via file  share from Christine.

I appreciated the opportunity to practice features available to the moderator and to work in such a small group.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Finally here!!!! :)

Special thanks to my patient eChampion Karen for finally getting me set up on this blog.
After our initial meeting we have established a plan for tutors to upload worksheets, tutorials and information sheets to our wiki.  Students can access these activities from home and not need expensive hard copy handouts.
We are very excited about the prospect of supporting our learners remotely and are very happy to participate in this project.

Making a start....

The good news is that I have successfully recruited three of our pre accredited trainers to participate in our project. Each of them is going to explore ways in which to create one pre accredited course for 2013 that will be delivered in a blended mode. Once the ACFE conference is out of the way we are going to meet to toss around ideas for the types of courses and the sorts of technology that would be appropriate to use. I'll get our team signed up to the blog so that everyone can meet them soon.

Friday, 12 October 2012

EMR Online PD Session 2 - Blogging

My apologies to everyone for not attending this PD. Special apologies to Lynne and Karen who ably stepped in to facilitate the session in my place. I know it is difficult to use the ppt that someone else has created when you do not know how they intended to use it.

Feedback I have received tells me that they did a great job as I expected even though they only had 10 minutes notice.

My 94 year old mother in law was rushed to hospital.  It wasn't the heart attack we suspected. She is still in and hopefully they will be able to sort out her problems.

Once again my apologies to everyone and I look forward to reading your blogs and comments.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

e-Mentor Project 2012 Getting Started

On 18 September I joined my fellow mentees at Coonara Community House to meet our mentors and to gain an understanding of what to expect this year as part of the e-mentor project.

It was interesting to hear what other Centre's intend doing and to meet up with colleagues from other ACE organisations.

Reviewing the meeting I felt comfortable with what Pines Learning had indicated on their application as to how we wish to use the e-learning support and I will be following the projects of other Centres with interest.

The on line classes on 24 September and 9 October provided a worthwhile refresher for me. I was able to participate in the on line classroom and use a variety of tools. It was fun participating in the little activities Lynne and Karen had organised for us as well as interacting on line with fellow mentees.

Yesterday, 11 October, I participated in the on line class which showed us how to Blog and outlined the expectations of blogging as a mentee throughout the project as a form of reflection - which is what I am doing now! I use personal reflection all the time in my teaching practice as I believe it helps me not only with planning lessons but with improving delivery and staying motivated.

One key benefit I am gaining from participating in the on line classes is picking up tips and teaching strategies modelled by the three mentors which I hope to use myself in the future. Small things like reminding students to turn off their microphones, asking for regular feedback via happy face to check engagement, as well as fun ice breaker activities which set the tone for the remainder of the class I hope to use in the future to keep on line learners engaged.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sample Post

Normal text - this post has been created for the EMR Online PD session 11 October 2012
Please add a comment to it after the session 

You may have a heading

A Subheading

A minor heading

You can insert a link or a video
EMR Ementor Wiki

or a picture

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Face to Face with Lynne

Here I am at my face to face with Lynne having our photo taken - how embarrassment!
We have had a good discussion about our project  and I'm feeling pretty positive. We have a group of students with ABI who have participated in the Global Art for Peace Project early in 2012 and were partnered with a community health organisation in Toronto, Canada. There was great excitement when they sent their work off and received the pieces from Toronto in return. The aim of the project is to establish an online community for the students which hopefully will continue the link they have made and expand to include lots of new people with whom to share their talents and new e skills.
This afternoon I will start discussions with the tutor and students about the vehicle to use and their vision for the future of the project.
This is the exciting part. Then comes the carving out time to make it happen.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Google Doc Here We Come

It all starts with baby steps!
Meet with Christine this morning and have fleshed out our project. We plan on introducing google docs to our accredited course participants. We will start with one group and hopefully spread it to the remainder of the House.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Off We Go

We are excited about our project. We are planning to introduce Google Docs to some of our students, we will need to do some further tweeking about which group to choose. Meet with tutors who are excited about this as an option to expand our participants digital knowledge.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Getting Started at Rowville

Getting Started at Rowville

I met up with Priscilla on Thursday and it was like being a kid in a candy store. So many things to look at and so many things to get excited about! We totally lost track of time but that's what happens when you have someone so enthusiastic!

Priscilla had some very clear ideas for her project that are not only very achievable but will be very engaging for her learners. It's going to be great to see the project evolve.

We had a few hiccups getting into the blog but it just shows that these glitches can, and do, happen to everyone.

I am really looking forward to working with Priscilla and some of the other tutors we hope will be involved.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Group Meeting

I would like to thank everyone for their participation in our first group meeting. I have read the forms filled in by my e-leaders and congratulate you all. The information will help us enormously with our face to face sessions to determine your projects.

Here are some pictures of our meeting:


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A great turn up to our first session at Coonara

It was great to meet up with most of you yesterday at our face-to-face session. We appreciate how busy you all are and thank you for making the effort to attend. I think we covered a lot of ground and you all seem to have lots of exciting ideas for your projects. Karen, Christine and I are all looking forward to working with you to get them off the ground. Pete, we are keeping your challenging question in mind about the Adobe products and will consult with some of our colleagues in the wider ementor program in Victoria. I hope you all managed to gain something from the day and remember, feedback in this blog is gratefully accepted. We all learn from feedback and that is how we continue to improve :)

Today we are sending out invitations to this blog and am putting up links to the NING and the ementor wiki here.

Remember, you will find a link to the online classroom on the Online Classroom page on the ementor wiki (address above). So many links and places to go to - your heads are probably spinning, but that is the nature of social media - you get used to it after a while!

Yesterday we discussed when was the most suitable time to hold our Eastern Region PD/Workshop day. We talked about having it in the week beginning 26th November. Unfortunately, we have done a bit of research since then and cannot find a venue that can house us that week so have decided on the following week Wednesday 5th December. Hopefully most of your classes will be completed by then and your trainers free to attend. Please mark this date in your diary and tell your colleagues about it - you will need the whole day.  It is open to anybody so let others  know as well. More news about the program soon!

If you did not get a chance to make a time with your appointed eChamp or ementor to come and visit make sure you contact them if they have not contacted you by the end of this week. For any problems getting into the wiki or Ning or with adding anything to this blog, please contact me on or Karen on or Christine. I will let her post up her email address or not as I have not had time to consult with her about this and this is a public blog.

Looking forward to seeing your reflections up here!

Monday, 3 September 2012


Hi new and returning e-leaders


Lynne, Karen and Christine welcome you to the ACFE 2012-13 e-Mentor Project. We are happy to have you all on board and look forward sharing the e-learning journey with you.

f2f Meeting

By the time you see this we will have all met at our f2f meeting on Tuesday 18 September.  We will be well on our way to deciding on achievable projects for our participating Learn Locals.
The next step is to arrange individual meetings to finalise the projects so we can plan how we can assist you with the necessary learning.

EMR e-Mentor Project

We will be providing 2 levels of support:

  1. Individual support for e-leaders with their customised projects. Each of us will support 3 - 4 participating Learn Locals.
  2. Fortnightly online web conferences for all e-leaders in the region. We will showcase different e-learning tools, show how to create and use the tools and examples of how these could be used for e-learning. Be sure to let us know if there is any tool you particularly want to learn about. These sessions will often be hands on - you will create an e-learning resource!


One of our funding obligations is that we keep a blog of our achievements/frustrations/experiences throughout the project. This blog has been set up so that we can benefit from each others' experiences.
Please use this blog as a record of your e-learning journey.
Please feel free to comment on blogs of others.

Lynne, Karen and Christine are looking forward to working with you all.