Monday, 15 October 2012

Finally here!!!! :)

Special thanks to my patient eChampion Karen for finally getting me set up on this blog.
After our initial meeting we have established a plan for tutors to upload worksheets, tutorials and information sheets to our wiki.  Students can access these activities from home and not need expensive hard copy handouts.
We are very excited about the prospect of supporting our learners remotely and are very happy to participate in this project.


  1. Fantastic Heather - great to see you and your team entering into the project with gusto! Also great to see you being a good little soldier and putting up a blog lol! I love hearing how everyone is approaching their project - so many great ideas!

  2. Great to see you on board Heather. I hope the students embrace the chance to keep learning between classes.

  3. Good to see you in the blog, Heather. I look forward to hearing how your project proceeds. Great to have such enthusiastic people involved in the project.