Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Face to Face with Lynne

Here I am at my face to face with Lynne having our photo taken - how embarrassment!
We have had a good discussion about our project  and I'm feeling pretty positive. We have a group of students with ABI who have participated in the Global Art for Peace Project early in 2012 and were partnered with a community health organisation in Toronto, Canada. There was great excitement when they sent their work off and received the pieces from Toronto in return. The aim of the project is to establish an online community for the students which hopefully will continue the link they have made and expand to include lots of new people with whom to share their talents and new e skills.
This afternoon I will start discussions with the tutor and students about the vehicle to use and their vision for the future of the project.
This is the exciting part. Then comes the carving out time to make it happen.


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  2. We had a great discussion this morning Ros and it was wonderful to see your enthusiasm about the project. It sounds really exciting and I look forward to working with you on it! By the way - where is the photo! - I can't post mine in the comments section lol!