Thursday, 11 October 2012

e-Mentor Project 2012 Getting Started

On 18 September I joined my fellow mentees at Coonara Community House to meet our mentors and to gain an understanding of what to expect this year as part of the e-mentor project.

It was interesting to hear what other Centre's intend doing and to meet up with colleagues from other ACE organisations.

Reviewing the meeting I felt comfortable with what Pines Learning had indicated on their application as to how we wish to use the e-learning support and I will be following the projects of other Centres with interest.

The on line classes on 24 September and 9 October provided a worthwhile refresher for me. I was able to participate in the on line classroom and use a variety of tools. It was fun participating in the little activities Lynne and Karen had organised for us as well as interacting on line with fellow mentees.

Yesterday, 11 October, I participated in the on line class which showed us how to Blog and outlined the expectations of blogging as a mentee throughout the project as a form of reflection - which is what I am doing now! I use personal reflection all the time in my teaching practice as I believe it helps me not only with planning lessons but with improving delivery and staying motivated.

One key benefit I am gaining from participating in the on line classes is picking up tips and teaching strategies modelled by the three mentors which I hope to use myself in the future. Small things like reminding students to turn off their microphones, asking for regular feedback via happy face to check engagement, as well as fun ice breaker activities which set the tone for the remainder of the class I hope to use in the future to keep on line learners engaged.


  1. Great blog, Jenny. Glad you are enjoying and finding the Online PD's useful.
    On point - 24 September was our f2f chat to sort out the project. I believe that we have designed a great project and am really impressed with the thought that has gone into it. It is obvious that you have the support of Pines Learning.
    This project should have a great long term effect for the RTO.

  2. I agree with Christine - great reflection. Looks like you really have the hang of it! I enjoyed meeting up with you on Friday at the validation day and also enjoyed having you back in the online classroom. I look forward to engaging further with you in the project and also reading more of your great blog posts!