Monday, 5 November 2012

Using Google Drive to upload files

Found it somewhat confusing, but finally able to upload a folder with 2 files to Google Drive, in the hope of collaborating with an A-frame Course and Session Planner.  The confusing part is that, even though I was in Google Drive (from Googlle Docs) the suggestion was to download the program to sync files from any device.  I didn't download anything, but was still able to upload the folder, which didn't happen until I selected the link "Java test page" in the Help.  I found the Help to be a very good step by step process. Have added the link:
Next step is to collaborate with others to add and edit text.

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  1. Good to see you playing with Google docs - it is the only way to learn and thanks for sharing with us.
    You inspired me to create a Google spreadsheet to keep track of folk booking into our PD day. I downloaded Google drive and I find it easier to access the doc from the drive on my laptop then it automatically opens and I can add to it. It has worked well for us as I created the spreadsheet and Lynne and Karen can edit it - so we can all see how we are going, who is coming, dietary requirements and what sessions they wish to attend.