Monday, 8 October 2012

Google Doc Here We Come

It all starts with baby steps!
Meet with Christine this morning and have fleshed out our project. We plan on introducing google docs to our accredited course participants. We will start with one group and hopefully spread it to the remainder of the House.


  1. I think we have planned a great project. We have divided it into a small project for this year and extending it next year.
    Sandy is great to work with as it is obvious that Avenue Neighbourhood House have really thought about and discussed what they need and that Sandy has management support.
    I look forward to seeing this project going ahead into the future.
    Great work, Sandy.

  2. That's great to hear Sandy!

    Google docs is something that we use at Coonara on a regular basis and it's an excellent tool for students.

    I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. So good to hear you have fleshed out your project. I look forward to hearing abut your successes with Google docs!