Friday, 12 October 2012

EMR Online PD Session 2 - Blogging

My apologies to everyone for not attending this PD. Special apologies to Lynne and Karen who ably stepped in to facilitate the session in my place. I know it is difficult to use the ppt that someone else has created when you do not know how they intended to use it.

Feedback I have received tells me that they did a great job as I expected even though they only had 10 minutes notice.

My 94 year old mother in law was rushed to hospital.  It wasn't the heart attack we suspected. She is still in and hopefully they will be able to sort out her problems.

Once again my apologies to everyone and I look forward to reading your blogs and comments.


  1. Hi Christine,
    Hope things continue to improve with yur mother in law. So glad it wasn't a heart attack.

    Looking forward to being part of this PD. Lots of exciting things to learn.

    1. Hi Alison - great to see you commenting on a blog. It means you managed to get into it and after seeing you today I know you are really keen to get going. Hopefully you might see your way clear to adding a post about your project now that we have fleshed it out a little. I am excited about what you are hoping to do - very manageable and it will mean a lot to the client group you are hoping to attract. I will leave ot to you to tell us all about what you are hoping to do in a blog posting :)