Sunday, 30 September 2012

Getting Started at Rowville

Getting Started at Rowville

I met up with Priscilla on Thursday and it was like being a kid in a candy store. So many things to look at and so many things to get excited about! We totally lost track of time but that's what happens when you have someone so enthusiastic!

Priscilla had some very clear ideas for her project that are not only very achievable but will be very engaging for her learners. It's going to be great to see the project evolve.

We had a few hiccups getting into the blog but it just shows that these glitches can, and do, happen to everyone.

I am really looking forward to working with Priscilla and some of the other tutors we hope will be involved.


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  1. Sounds like you are really excited about the project Priscilla - that's what we like to see! I look forward to reading about your travels into "e" land on this blog!