Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Convert uploaded files to Google Docs

Spent some time this morning figuring out why others could not edit my uploaded Word file in Google drive.  Didn't realise that uploaded files needed to be converted to Google Docs file before being able to be worked on collaboratively.  Also found that it is easier to share a folder, rather than individual files. Hopefully this now works!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Using Google Drive to upload files

Found it somewhat confusing, but finally able to upload a folder with 2 files to Google Drive, in the hope of collaborating with an A-frame Course and Session Planner.  The confusing part is that, even though I was in Google Drive (from Googlle Docs) the suggestion was to download the program to sync files from any device.  I didn't download anything, but was still able to upload the folder, which didn't happen until I selected the link "Java test page" in the Help.  I found the Help to be a very good step by step process. Have added the link:
Next step is to collaborate with others to add and edit text.