Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Convert uploaded files to Google Docs

Spent some time this morning figuring out why others could not edit my uploaded Word file in Google drive.  Didn't realise that uploaded files needed to be converted to Google Docs file before being able to be worked on collaboratively.  Also found that it is easier to share a folder, rather than individual files. Hopefully this now works!


  1. Thanks Maree.
    We are hoping to use Google docs as part of the moderation process, so it's good to have someone else find out the best way to share first.

    1. How do you hope to use Google docs for moderation, Ros? It sounds really interesting - a great time saver!

  2. Seems to be working fine now. I went in and edited the doc and had no trouble at all. Earlier it simply would not let me in at all.
    Good work, Maree.