Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Faciitating online session Monday 15 October

We had a few difficulties at the beginning of the session and while Christine sorted them out I was able to show Ruth a few of the features of the online classroom.

Christine and Andrea joined us with Christine doing a review of the features available which I have already covered a few times. All good review though. We viewed Christine's PowerPoint for facilitators and were able to download a file via file  share from Christine.

I appreciated the opportunity to practice features available to the moderator and to work in such a small group.


  1. I was a good session, Jenny and thank you for showing Ruth Elluminate while I was busy.
    This was a session for Pines Learning tutors and supposed to be a Facilitating in Elluminate session but as both Andrea and Ruth had not participated in an online session before a lot of the session was devoted to showing them around Elluminate.
    Good news is that they were both amazed at what could be done so I am sure that we have another couple of tutors keen to use e-learning with their classes.

  2. Thanks for the blog Jenny - you have such an enthusiastic team at Pines it is a joy to have you all working with us. Good luck with your project and thanks for showing leadership and helping along the way