Monday, 15 October 2012

Making a start....

The good news is that I have successfully recruited three of our pre accredited trainers to participate in our project. Each of them is going to explore ways in which to create one pre accredited course for 2013 that will be delivered in a blended mode. Once the ACFE conference is out of the way we are going to meet to toss around ideas for the types of courses and the sorts of technology that would be appropriate to use. I'll get our team signed up to the blog so that everyone can meet them soon.


  1. Look forward to following your progress Leanne, also great to see innovative ideas for preaccredited.

  2. What a great start, Leanne!
    Often the hardest thing is to get tutors involved so you have done a great job. I agree with Sandy and look forward to hearing how you are getting on. Great to see someone including pre-accredited in e-learning.

  3. Nice to meet you online Leanne - probably easier than meeting you face to face lol! Thanks for contributing to the blog and sharing your great ideas for the project. I am excited about doing something with pre-accred trainers and hope to be present at the meeting you have with them when you are tossing around your ideas. I will be standing behind you waiting to catch them!