Monday, 4 February 2013

Completion of Project - Well done, Maree!

I have just spent an enjoyable evening at a tutor meeting at Pines Learning.

The highlight was the presentation that Maree did to demonstrate and explain the Google doc she created for a number of tutors to use to complete the A-frame documentation for a new pre-accredited course that begins next week.

She used the data display to show us the Google doc and demonstrate how to use it. She also distributed notes on how to use it. None of the other tutors had previously used Google docs and their interest was demonstrated by the in-depth questions that Maree answered very well.

Maree has completed the project set for her last semester and produced an online document that will be in use at the centre from next week. Her answers to the questions she was asked showed that she had done a lot of research and demonstrated her knowledge of Google docs.

Congratulations, Maree, and thank you. I will be one of the tutors using the Google doc and it will make our work easier.

I look forward to working with Maree this semester on her new project.

Maree is our new Google docs guru!!


  1. Wow - well done Maree! You have certainly come a long way. It is inspiring to see such enthusiasm for elearning. Well done!

  2. A belated thank you Christine and Lynne. I certainly enjoyed the research and am now focusing on my new project; creating an online course for BSBITU303A Design & Produce Text Documents. It is stretching me and I appreciate having access to Christine's medical terminology course for ideas.