Wednesday, 27 February 2013


After our Quizlet session yesterday, I got busy and completed a scattergame to put into my wikispace for my online Word project.  Thank you Christine! It was easy to do, and I ended up with 10 terms with 10 matching definitions.
A little problem arose after embedding into wikispaces, in a cell in a table.  I have found that the size of the quizlet can't be expanded and so my terms and definitions are all on top of each other, very squishy.  While in Edit mode I tried expanding the link (like a picture) but when saved reverted back to smaller size.  Then I tried putting spaces into the table column to expand the cell itself, but when saved reverted back also.  Any suggestions welcome.


  1. Hi Maree, what a great effort putting together a quizlet so quickly. I might leave Christine to help you with your little problem as she is the quizlet expert. However, I am glad you got so much out of the session :)

  2. You are amazing, Maree. Glad to see that someone has benefitted from the PD.

    I have had the same problem with tables in wiki lately. Just lately, never had it before.
    I will have to do some more work on it to see if I can sort it out. At present I have no idea why it is appearing so small.
    All my medical terminology quizlets have been fine so i don't know what has happened.

    If anyone else has had this problem and solved it - we would be glad to hear from you.

  3. Better late than never answering this. Wikispaces seem to go through changes on a regular basis updating how things work. Unfortunately, it sends other parts out of whack.

    Tables have always been tricky to work with as they adjust to the size of their content. Using a space won't work unfortunately. The little trick I use when I want tables to look uniform is to make your headings as an image with a white background. I make all the headings the same size. I have also made plain white images to fill spaces. They can't be seen but make things look balanced.

    Widgets generally can't be resized as you would an image. You would need to look at the coding within the widget to make adjustments there.

    Hope some of that helps.