Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our First Online Session for the year!

We were delighted to see such a good roll-up at our first online PD session for the year on the Ning. Hopefully, those people will now feel a little more confident about using it to get information, resources and to join in fascinating discussions! We were also delighted to welcome Pat Grosse the EMentor from Hume and Shauna one of the Hume eleaders to the session. As you are probably aware, our region has joined together with Hume to become the North East region .

If anyone was not able to attend the session and wants some help in joining the Ning please let me know and I will help. This month in the Ning the topic is about using Microsoft Tools and this includes One Note, Microsoft Server. Microsoft LYNC as well as the usual Office tools so pop in and join in with the discussion. Tell them about your favourite Microsoft tool!

Next month is our month in the Ning. The topic will be "Adventuring with images and voice" so keep an eye out for that one!

Our next fortnightly online PD session will be Christine leading us through setting up a Quizlet. Make sure you get on board for that on 26th Feb at 4.30 pm!


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  1. It was wonderful to see so many at our first online PD and good to see that many had joined the Ning.

    Don't forget that if you missed it the recording is on the ementor wiki

    Hope to see you all on Feb 26 at 4.30pm and in the Ning.