Monday, 14 January 2013

Google Cloud Connect & Drive sync

Have been working in Google docs uploading an AFrame and converting it for collaboration with other tutors during 2013.  During this process I have come across Google Cloud Connect and Google Drive for Mac/PC for syncing files. 
It seems that with Google Cloud Connect, all Microsoft files created end up in the cloud. Has anyone used this or Google Drive sync and found them really useful?  If so, would appreciate some feedback.

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  1. Hi Maree, you are certainly rocketing ahead with your research into eLearning tools - well done! I have not used either of the Cloud spaces you mentioned unfortunately so can't give any answers on what they are like. I can suggest you go to the Discussion forum on the Ning though and put the question there. I am sure someone there will have some info for you! I use Dropbox which I find really good, user-friendly and ubiquitous.