Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Check it Out!

Hi Everyone.
we have had a major problem with internet access at the Bridge where the folio group meets which means they have not been able to post to their blog this term. They like to do it as a group activity still, so no one has posted from home yet. I am sure that will change as confidence grows.
However I am really pleased with the way they have embraced the technology and they love putting their work up for people to see. If you have a minute, take a look at Japarafolio.blogspot.com or google Japara Folio 2103. They would love some feedback. I have lined up another group for them to share with once we get the problems ironed out.
This term they are working on a theme of "home" and their online home will be one more interpretation of that theme. Next challenge is for them to post a short video or add some music.
Looking forward to the Showcase and hope everyone else is doing well with their projects.

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  1. Hi Ros, that sounds like fantastic progress in spite of having internet problems. The blog looks great - so happy to see them proudly uploading their own images! What a great success story!